Med App just got an update

Improved control over hospital site access, faster event creation and improved filtering

About this update

Our team of clinicians, engineers and healthcare professionals has been working hard on the latest release to improve Med App based on your feedback.

Smarter access to your hospital

You now have more control over how clinicians access your hospital account, use filters to see who is currently logged in to your account and set access expiry dates for locums or other staff members to keep your account user list up to date.


Set User Expiry Dates

Automatically revoke access for staff who are on set schedules, such as interns or locums, to help keep your user lists up to date.

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New User Notifications

Customise messages that go to users about their access changes and events, including when you invite, approve, or update a user’s access permissions (like their expiry date).

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Access History in User Profiles

You can now see a more detailed history of each user’s access to your Med App account - when they were added, approved and revoked to help make reporting, security and accountability easier. 

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Faster setup time for educational events

Our new workflow allows you to create a new Event in just 40 seconds and download an attendance report for an entire term in 3 clicks


Training and attendance tracking has been simplified

Watch our step-by-step workflow with quick access to the attendance QR code and URL.

Design Improvements

You may notice that we have moved a few things around and improved how they look!

Action items is now your dashboard

Important messages from clinicians when you first log in

  • Clinicians asking for access to your site
  • Content edits requests
  • Feedback on out of date or missing content
  • Reminders when it's time to update content

An overview of what has changed

We know change can be scary, but in order to improve and grow, we must!

In this video, we provide you with an overview of what has changed in this release.



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